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Just changed from Android to iPhone5: first glance.

Things I miss:

  • Swype. Makes it easier to type while driving. Ha. I know it’s illegal. But I mean… I guess it’s easier type while parked…
  • Google Integration. I miss Google maps, integration with Google Drive, Gmail, Gchat.. G anything.
  • Can’t upload videos to Facebook.
  • Screen response is shitty near the edge. I press and press and press and nothing happens. Sad face. I know I have fat thumbs and all, but I’m using my pointer fingers…
  • Weather always says 73 degrees. Needs to be a dynamic widget.
  • Widgets. I have to scroll through so many menus to get to where I want to.

Things that are nice:

  • Better camera
  • iTunes integration.
  • Better web browser.
  • Better email formatting.

I really miss Swype and Widgets the most. Boo.

Standing Out as a Pseudo-Expat

People in Taiwan have this uncanny ability to tell that I am not a native - even before I open my mouth and butcher Chinese. These are the reasons I believe I stand out:

  1. I weigh over 45kg/100 pounds. For some reason, there is some obsession here with being 45kg/100 pounds regardless of your height. I have not weighed that little since middle school and I don’t think it’s possible for me to get there unless I ate lettuce for a year.
  2. My hair is straight and black. Wild perms and funky colors abound here.
  3. I carry a backpack. Carrying a backpack here is the equivalent of carrying a fanny pack in America. Everyone has a messenger bag.
  4. I am not pale. Compared to everyone here, I’m pretty much black. A lot of people think I’m from Singapore (with the remaining believing that I’m Japanese.) After actually using a parasol in Taiwan, I can see the merits - it’s a lot cooler in the shade. I’m still pretty far from being pale though.
  5. I wear flip-flops. My co-worker says that Americans are “tu” or I guess… unclassy because Americans like to wear flip-flops. I could say the same about Asians and their love of Crocs.
  6. I look people in the eye. I’m American and we’re more about being overly-direct-stare-you-down-with-confidence. Asians are more about modesty and humbleness. I should get some of that.

(P.S. I think that I can count as an expat at this point since I’ve been abroad for a month.)

A 30-year-old can spend $5,000 on a boob job—or she can take that $5,000 and invest it. If she puts only that amount into the markets and receives an average annual return of 7 percent from then on, without ever adding a penny to her savings, she will have $74,582 at age 70. If the 30-year-old starts investing $5,000 a year from that age onward, and receives an average annual return of 7 percent, by the time she’s 70 she will have more than a million dollars.

Get a boob job or invest the money? Numbers according to financial literacy expert Manisha Thakor, the author of On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance, and Get Financially Naked: How to Talk Money with Your Honey. (via newsweek)

(via newsweek)

Sleepy doggie. I love my Yorkie Musubi. She can do no wrong. (Taken with picplz.)

Sleepy doggie. I love my Yorkie Musubi. She can do no wrong. (Taken with picplz.)